About Philippine Social Enterprise Network, Inc. (PhilSEN)

PhilSEN is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission under registration no. CN200504839.

PhilSEN traces its roots from a loose network (IGA Network) of NGOs, development institutions, people’s organizations, & cooperatives engaged in social enterprise promotion and development including microfinance/savings & credit among the poor communities/groups.

Since 1999, the network focuses on enhancing capacities of member organizations through subsector analysis, value chain analysis and market studies, business planning and monitoring, business development services, social entrepreneurship capacity building, markets and products development, including micro-finance/ savings & credit.

Today, PhilSEN has expanded its network and is now working with international organizations and initiatives like Together 2030, British Council, European Union, Asia-Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism with ESCAP, ASEAN Network on Inclusive Entrepreneurship, and the United Nations.

PhilSEN is also the secretariat of the Poverty Reduction through Social Entrepreneurship (PRESENT) Coalition, a group of social enterprise advocates formed by a group of 20 networks of social enterprises and support groups. Together with the PRESENT Coalition, PhilSEN is currently lobbying for the PRESENT Bill in Senate and Congress to promote social enterprises as vehicles for poverty reduction, spearheading social enterprise education in the country and is developing benchmarks and standards for social enterprises.

Our Board of Trustees:

Reuel Velarde
(Philippine Network of Rural Development Institutes)

Vice President
Arsenio Tanchuling
(Tambuyog Development Center)

Edna Francisco
(Optima Management, Inc)

Richard Rejas
(Katilingbanong Pamahandi sa Mindanaw Foundation Inc)

Amenodin Cali
(Kalimudan Foundation)
Joelyn Biag
(Sentro ha Pagpauswag ha Panginabuhi, Inc)

Executive Director
Lurina Gargarita


PhilSEN envisions a vibrant and sustainable people’s enterprises at the core of a democratized and sovereign Philippine economy.


To build a critical mass of social enterprises and people’s enterprises in the Philippines


A strong network of NGOs and social businesses for the poor promoting social entrepreneurship and market development in the Philippines through development of replicable models and strategies, exchange of experiences, lobby and other means.


PhilSEN as a network organization adopts the strategies focus on the area-based (geographic) and (subsector/ value chain industry). PhilSEN looks at the development of enterprises in selected sub-sectors/value chains at the area level that are expected to play vital role in the development of local economies, and in selected industries at the national level. The subsector/ value chain approach involves development and replication of successful social business models. PhilSEN adopts the Community of Practice (CoP) as an approach to strengthening relationships, as well as managing knowledge resource base among members. Concretely, the Communities of Practice (CoPs) aim to develop replicable models of social enterprise interventions and strategies in value chain, provide opportunities for exchanges of experiences and lessons, and utilize experiences and lessons learned for effective lobby work in support of social enterprises. Our member-organizations participate through the Communities of Practice (CoPs) where they are grouped based on common theme and concerns along subsector/value chain development.


  • Responsible stewardship and accountability
  • Empowerment of the poor, the marginalized and other vulnerable sectors of the society, including women empowerment and gender equality
  • Ecological integrity
  • Economic self-reliance and sustainability
  • Fair trade
  • Transparency
  • Cultural integrity and diversity
  • Solidarity