Philippine Social Enterprise Network (PhilSEN) is dedicated to the promotion of the social and community enterprises that enable the poor and marginalized to become key economic players. Your support helps us create programs to strengthen social enterprises that contribute social value, develop communities, and improve lives.

Creating Value Beyond Wealth

Social Enterprises are social mission-driven organizations that create wealth through products or services. With the poor as their primary stakeholders, social enterprises manage both economic and social bottom lines that lead to wealth creation and equitable wealth distribution. By supporting social enterprises, you support not only the entrepreneur, but also the community that the enterprise serves. At PhilSEN, we commit ourselves to promoting and supporting these social enterprises as key instruments for inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Help Improve Lives

Help us strengthen Philippine social entrepreneurship to create social value and improve lives.

Doing Well, Doing Good, Doing Right

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Reaching the farthest first. Download the publication on The State of Social Enterprise in the Philippines (7.8MB).
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